Periodicity in a System of Differential Equations with Finite Delay


Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Cape Coast,Ghana


The existence and uniqueness of a periodic solution of
the system of differential equations
x(t) = A(t)x(t  )
are proved. In particular the Krasnoselskii’s fixed point theorem
and the contraction mapping principle are used in the analysis. In
addition, the notion of fundamental matrix solution coupled with
Floquet theory is also employed.


Article Title [Persian]

تناوب در دستگاه معادلات دیفرانسیل با تاخیر متناهی

Author [Persian]

  • ارنست یانکسن
دانشکده ریاضی و آمار – دانشگاه کیپ کاست – غنا

Keywords [Persian]

  • نقطه ثابت
  • جواب ماتریس اساسی
  • قضیه Floquet
  • جواب تناوبی