Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2020, Pages 159-348 

Research Articles

1. On character projectivity Of Banach modules

Pages 159-169

Majied Dehghan; Saeid Ostadbashi

4. Oplus-supplemented modules with respect to images of a fully invariant submodule

Pages 191-198

Ali Reza Moniri Hamzekolaee; Yahya Talebi Rostami; Zahra Heidari

5. On the stability of multi-m-Jensen mappings

Pages 199-209

Abasalt Bodaghi; Mohammad Maghsoudi

6. An introduction to topological hyperrings

Pages 210-223

Mehdi Nodehi; Morteza Norouzi; Omid Reza Dehghan

10. Schwarz boundary problem on a triangle

Pages 266-283

Fatemeh Joveini; Mozhgan Akbari