Existence of a positive solution for a p-Laplacian equation with‎ ‎singular nonlinearities

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1 Faculty of Basic Sciences,‎ ‎Babol University of Technology‎, ‎Babol‎, ‎Iran

2 Faculty of Basic Sciences, Babol University of Technology, Babol, Iran


‎In this paper‎, ‎we study a class of boundary value problem‎
‎involving the p-Laplacian oprator and singular nonlinearities‎. ‎We‎
‎analyze the existence a critical parameter $lambda^{ast}$ such‎
‎that the problem has least one solution for‎
‎$lambdain(0,lambda^{ast})$ and no solution for‎
‎$lambda>lambda^{ast}.$ We find lower bounds of critical‎
‎parameter $lambda^{ast}$‎. ‎We use the method of‎
‎sub-supersolution to establish our results.‎


Article Title [Persian]

وجود یک جواب مثبت برای یک معادله p-لاپلاسین با غیر خطی های تکین

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  • سمیه خادملو 1
  • ف . یوسف زاده 2
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  • غیر خطی های تکین. جواب مثبت. جواب های بالایی و پایینی