Studies on Sturm-Liouville boundary value problems for multi-term fractional differential equations

Document Type: Research articles


1 Department of Mathematics, Guangdong Police College, China

2 Guangdong University of Business Studies, China

3 Department of Mathematics, Shaoyang University, China


The Sturm-Liouville boundary value problem of the multi-order fractional
differential equation
is studied. Results on the existence of solutions are established. The analysis relies on a
weighted function space and a fixed point theorem. An example is given to illustrate the
efficiency of the main theorems.


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  • ژیاهوی یانگ 1
  • یوجی لیو 2
  • ژیانگویان لیو 3
1 دانشکده ریاضی- کالج پلیس جانگدونگ- چین
2 دانشکده مطالعات فرصت های شغلی –دانشگاه جانگدونگ-چین
3 دانشکده ریاضی- دانشگاه شائویانگ- چین
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