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1 University of Mohghegh Ardabili

2 Islamic Azad University



Let $B$ be a Banach $A-bimodule$. We introduce the weak topological centers of left module action and we show it by
For a compact group, we show that $L^1(G)=\tilde{Z}_{M(G)^{**}}^\ell(L^1(G)^{**})$ and on the other hand we have $\tilde{Z}_1^\ell{(c_0^{**})}\neq c_0^{**}$. Thus the weak topological centers are different with topological centers of left or right module actions.
In this manuscript, we investigate the relationships between two concepts with some conclusions in Banach algebras. We also have some application of this new concept and topological centers of module actions in the cohomological properties of Banach algebras, spacial, in the weak amenability and $n$-weak amenability of Banach algebras.