Broadcast Routing in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks: A Particle Swarm optimization Approach

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Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics, Mazandaran University


While routing in multi-hop packet radio networks (static Ad-hoc wireless networks), it is crucial to minimize power consumption since nodes are powered by batteries of limited capacity and it is expensive to recharge the device. This paper studies the problem of broadcast routing in radio networks. Given a network with an identified source node, any broadcast routing is considered as a directed tree rooted at the source node and spans all nodes. Since the problem is known to be NP-Hard, we try to tackle it heuristically. First we propose an efficient Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) based algorithm with a proper coding schema. Then we present the second algorithm which combines the global search of the first algorithm with a local search strategy based on noising methods. Comprehensive experimental study is devoted to compare the behavior of the algorithms and to show its priority over the best known previous esults.


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