Special Bertrand Curves in semi-Euclidean space E4^2 and their Characterizations

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Kırıkkale Unıversty


In [14] Matsuda and Yorozu.explained that there is no special Bertrand curves in Eⁿ and they new kind of Bertrand curves called (1,3)-type Bertrand curves Euclidean space. In this paper , by using the similar methods given by Matsuda and Yorozu [14], we obtain that bitorsion of the quaternionic curve is not equal to zero in semi-Euclidean space E4^2. Obtain (N,B2) type quaternionic Bertrand curves by means of the {κ,τ,(σ-ε_{t}ε_{T}ε_{N}κ)} functions of the curves in E4^2.